Backup, backup, backup!

Do you trust your computer and hard disk not to fail? Just think for a moment, if your computer was to vanish right now, how much trouble would you be in? Even people who backup regularly may be one step behind.

Consider though, even if you backed up to an external hard disk.. what if you had computer meltdown and went to your external hard disk and it had ceased to function?

Many would now think life wasn't worth living anymore.

A few years ago I had an iPod. My music was on the computer and the iPod. I had neglected, through a life change, to buy a new external hard disk. All my music has been MP3 for years, for a long time I was buying MP3 only and had burned all my CD's to MP3. this meant all my music was digital.

I had bought a new external hard disk. I went to my itunes library folder in order to backup. I had a brief brain fade and somehow deleted the itunes library and failed to copy to the hard disk.

Now my dilemma was that all my music was on the iPod. I proceeded to try to copy from the iPod to the itunes library. I got it wrong. I lost over 60gb of music. My entire music collection.

For two weeks I was so depressed you cannot imagine. I couldn't work out how to get the music back. Some I could get from the itunes store again. But so much I just couldn't replace.

Then I remembered that I had a backup backup at my mum's house.


This means my music was backed up in two places (excluding the computer).

Ever since I have three backups of everything.

All this time my documents, including my websites and writing, were backed up on the external hard disk and Dropbox and Google Drive. my documents were safe. My music, less so.

Lesson learned.

Dropbox and Google Drive run constantly and when you are connected to the internet they backup automatically. That way you are never behind with backing up. It is a useful extra backup to your more permanent external hard disk. However, I have never lost data with Dropbox or Google Drive (but for when I delete something by mistake and they sync my mistake, then I turn back to the external hard disk)

In fact, I now have two external hard disks as one of them failed a little while back, but everything was good due to the duplication.

Backing up is a task, but a necessary one. I may have overkill now, but that day of thinking I had lost all my music was a wake-up call!

See also:
 A Dropbox Basic account is free and includes 2 GB of space.
Google Drive has 15 GB for free.

Note that both Google and Dropbox offer more space for referrals and for you completing offers. Of course, if you wish to pay, the sky is the limit!

Buy external hard disks from Amazon et al. I have x2 1 terabyte hard disks. That is a lot of storage.


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