Greylizard webdesign laptop coding rig

Keeping it simple in the name of being green #itsnoteasybeinggreen

I chose these items carefully. It would have been easy to buy a few monitors, wireless everything and a i9 workstation. That is just a matter of moving my money to the manufacturers. It is much harder to just go with what one needs. I tried just coding on the i5 laptop that runs this on the 15" screen, but this was a bit much. The 24" monitor is perfect. Of course I was tempted by a i9 workstation, and of course I was tempted by a dual (or more) monitor setup. I decided on a wired keyboard (to save a battery a year) and thought a wireless mouse would do. This has the advantage of being able to go with the laptop when it is undocked quite easily. Of course I was tempted by a docking station, but for the trouble of unplugging 4 cables instead of 2, oh! the hardship!

The greatest challenge is keeping the money in the bank and not giving into the desire for the gadgets that at the end of the day, I really don't need. It isn't easy. It is much less trouble to give into it. It's not easy being green.

See more about the setup at my other blog (click here)


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